Ongoing/Upcoming projects

Smart Villages Africa is committed to making a positive impact in the communities where we operate through our CSR activities. We prioritize smart healthcare initiatives in rural areas to ensure that everyone has access to quality healthcare services. Additionally, we believe that education is a powerful tool for empowering women, which is why we focus our efforts on providing educational opportunities to girls and women. Inclusive social welfare programs are also an important aspect of our CSR activities, as we strive to help vulnerable populations thrive. Finally, we recognize the critical role that agriculture plays in sustaining communities, and we work to support farmers through various programs and initiatives. Together, these efforts reflect our commitment to making a difference in the world.

We solicit your generous donations to make many of these activities happen. Please email us on or Whats app on +260964007700 for further details and how you can make a meaningful effort to ameliorate poverty . No one has gone down by giving, give generously !

Education for Anita $2000 per year

Anita is an exceptional student who has shown great potential since her 8th grade. We have been sponsoring her education since then and she has surpassed our expectations by graduating with distinction in her 12th grade. She has now been admitted into a Medicine program and is currently in her 3rd year. While her University fees are being covered by a generous family, we are seeking donations for her upkeep, which amounts to around $2000 per year. She will also require a Laptop to sustain her ongoing studies costing $400. With your support, we can ensure that Anita continues to excel in her studies and achieve her dreams.

Total Required for Anita - $2000 per year , specific donation for laptop is welcome from any donor.


Smart Villages has taken up a dilapidated building on the Lusaka-Mumbwa Highways on village Mambula to construct the clinic as this comes under the Mumbwa district for approvals. The District Health Director has guided us to make necessary modifications which is currently underway.

However, we will need funds to complete the project successfully. Smart Villages Africa has spent close to $4000 from funds from KJ and will require the following:

Building painting and finishing works - $500

Borewell drilling& Submersible pump - $3000

Water tank 10,000lts& Stand incl transport - $1500

Solar panel,Inverter5kva,Batteries 2x200AH,Electrical works - $2500

Health Professional council approval for clinic - $1000 approx

Appointment of Nurse, Maid etc (salary $500x12months) - $6000

Medical & Instruments - TBA

Total Funds required to close project - $14,500

Please find a donation request document giving details of funds required to ensure success for this project.

Smart Clinic progress and Request for Donation.pdf

Blessings Manda $1000 per year

Blessings is a determined individual who managed to secure a 75% scholarship admission into the Medicine program in 2019. Sadly, he had to discontinue his studies due to his inability to raise a small balance of K4000 ($200).

However, his passion for medicine did not go unnoticed as Mrs. Vasumathi took him under her wing and enrolled him into the Clinical Medicine program. Blessings has been a dedicated student, and the KJ family has been supporting him by providing an upkeep of K1000 (~$50) and paying his fees so far. While Mrs KJ pledges the upkeep We appeal to donors to contribute $1000 per year towards College fees, to help Blessings achieve his dream of becoming a medical professional.

Total required : $1000 per year


Collaborative scheme for a two season crops in Village clusters comprising of 15 villages using a co operative style and centralized infrastructure support and drip irrigation methodology. Our idea is to operate on a revenue sharing basis with small farmers and such revenues providing a corpus which shall be ploughed back to the society for development activities

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worm's-eye view photography of concrete building
worm's-eye view photography of concrete building
  • Funding for Tertiary education for 5 underprivileged / vulnerable intelligent girl children

  • Formation of Women self help group in Lusaka, Zambia under WHEELS by opening a restaurant for them. Focus shall be on deserted single mothers with children and widows.

Total required : TBA