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Smart Villages Africa

Smart Villages Africa is a multi sector development initiative NGO focused on Health, Education, Agriculture and social welfare. We work towards creating sustainable and self-sufficient communities in Africa. Our goal is to provide lasting solutions to some of the most pressing challenges facing rural communities in Africa. Through our various initiatives, we are empowering individuals and communities to take charge of their own development and build a better future for themselves and generations to come.

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Our Mission

At Smart Villages Africa, our mission is to empower the African rural poor with the necessary tools and resources to build sustainable communities. We believe that by focusing on key sectors such as health, education, agriculture and social welfare, we can help create self-sufficient communities that can thrive and grow.

Our Vision

Transforming Poverty to Prosperity...

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white and black Together We Create graffiti wall decor

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Our Approach

We take a holistic approach to community development by addressing the key sectors of health, education, agriculture and social welfare. Our initiatives include health clinics, schools, agricultural training, and social welfare programs. Our projects are designed to be sustainable and community-led, ensuring that they have a lasting impact on the communities we serve.

Board Members of Smart Villages Africa


Vriddagiri Vasumathi is a visionary humanitarian and the Founder Chairwoman of Smart Villages Africa. With a background in Commerce and an MBA in HR, Vasumathi is determined to improve the lives of underprivileged communities. She is a passionate advocate for girls' education and empowering single mothers in society. Her dedication and unwavering commitment to these causes has endeared her to many, who affectionately refer to her as "Ma." Vasumathi's tireless efforts demonstrate her deep compassion and strong sense of responsibility towards creating a world where every person has the opportunity to thrive. Through her work, Vasumathi is spearheading a movement towards sustainable development and building a brighter future for communities across Africa.

Vice Chairman

Jagadheeswaran Krishnan, also known as KJ, is the Vice Chairman of Smart Villages Africa. With over 30 years of experience working in industry, KJ is a Mechanical Engineer and holds an MBA degree. He has a strong passion for developing the talent and youth of his country, and through his perseverance, he has become a trusted mentor to many budding managers. KJ has a special interest in empowering intelligent girls who are held back by poverty. His dedication to developing people is unmatched, and he is viewed as a fatherly figure by many of the youth whom he guides and mentors. KJ's commitment and passion for helping others have made him an invaluable asset to his community.


Mr. Gondwe is a well-respected elder and an esteemed consultant in the field of Human Resources in Zambia. He holds positions on several company boards and has previously held high-ranking positions such as Board Member of the Zambia Development Agency and National Chairman for the Civil Services Union of Zambia. Mr. Gondwe is known for his passion to support the development of National talent, and he has joined our team to help further this objective.

Mr Gondwe provides strategic guidance on the activities of Smart Villages Africa and guidance on cultural aspects.


Mr. Venkatraman Balasubramanian, a former Finance Director of Kafue Sugars group in Zambia, and is now a Consultant. With vast experience in financial management and accounting, he eagerly joins Smart Villages Africa to provide invaluable inputs and guidance on financial matters. His years of expertise will undoubtedly prove beneficial to the NGO and its endeavors in developing rural areas. His passion for financial management and accounting is evident, and Smart Villages Africa is fortunate to have him onboard. Mr. Balasubramanian's presence will undoubtedly aid the development of rural Africa, and his financial guidance will undoubtedly be invaluable to the organization.


Kedararaman Mridubashini is a talented Agricultural Engineer from India who is passionate about providing strategic guidance for various initiatives in the Agriculture sector. She is currently involved with Smart Villages Africa in providing valuable insights into natural farming methods. Her knowledge in the field has been providing inputs on the trial of natural farming methods at Muchende Village cluster. Her dedication to the cause of sustainable agriculture is commendable, and her contributions have been invaluable in promoting the adoption of eco-friendly farming practices across the region. Kedararaman Mridubashini is a role model for young professionals who aspire to make a positive impact in the field of Agriculture and contribute to the sustainable development of their communities.


Smart Villages Africa

Smart Villages Africa is dedicated to promoting the welfare of women through its WHEELS scheme. WHEELS stand for Women Health Empowerment Education Loan Schemes, which helps identify and support talented female students from secondary school through to tertiary education. Our goal is to make this an annual program in order to empower intelligent women from underprivileged backgrounds. With your support, we hope to make a significant impact in the lives of these women and give them the opportunity to reach their full potential.

We request you to donate generously for the WHEELS initiative.


Empowering African communities through smart development

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